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model - ADVOCATE


CONTENT CREATOR - creative director




Tatiana Sarah started as a fitness personality and bikini competitor. Throughout years of training, she evolved towards a holistic approach to achieve overall wellness. She believes that success first starts in the mind. 

Tatiana Sarah's expertise: Personal Training, Model & Brand Ambassador, Customer Experience, Business Development, Public Relations & Marketing.

Personality Type: Campaigner (ENFP-A) | Astrological sign: Aries

Favourite Book: The Alchemist by Paul Coheleo

Measurements: 5'1" | 33-26-36



In 2015, Tatiana took her journey to the next level by entering in her first official bodybuilding competition. By managing her own competition prep, she landed a place in the Top 10 in Bikini A in The Alberta Bodybuilding Association. This experience gave her a new sense of admiration towards the unique opportunities life has to offer. Tatiana learned that by consistently pushing herself past her comfort zone, the possibilities become infinite. This new realization and the boost in self-confidence Tatiana acquired are the main initiators of her modelling career.  Tatiana's ability to move forward and grow despite fallbacks are qualities she had to develop in order to stay on top of her game. With a radiant smile and kick-starter attitude, Tatiana's mission is to meaningfully impact as many individuals from all walks of life and from all corners of the globe to reach their full potential. 


  • Business Administration | SAIT             

Tatiana first studied accounting but soon realized something didn't click. After a gap year, she made the decision to major in Marketing. Tatiana has gained practical business knowledge in core areas such as economics, change management, media & communications, organizational behaviour, intellectual property and business development.

  • Certified personal trainer | ace

Mastering overall wellness unlocks countless doors. Achieve your fitness and health goals through motivation, and most importantly education. Tatiana's passion for helping others live their best life is felt through her work. Customized training programs and nutritional guidelines made for you, your goals and your lifestyle!


With a busy schedule, it can be hard to keep up with Tatiana. A wonderer and nature girl at heart, she’s forever grateful to have the Rockies as her backyard to explore. Tatiana is continuously developing her sharp attention to details through working on a variety of creative projects. The best part of it all, she points, is the ability to see the vision come to life. Let's not forget about the ultimate freedom in creating, it is a process like no other! Proud to have worked with local and international designers, entrepreneurs and artists, Tatiana believes in the power of individuality. Author Maya Angelou powerfully stated:

If you are always trying to be normal you will never know how amazing you can be.


Other than her love of fitness and photography, Tatiana is passionate about being an active member in her community. She volunteers with organizations empowering women and teenage girls such as the Walk-In Closet, My Best Friend's Closet, and the YWCA.  


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