Lilac Season


That soft scent that fills up the air in the summertime. And in this moment, all you can do is stop and just breathe. 


Summer is my favourite season because everything is alive. The days are longer, the flowers are blooming, the sun is shinning (usually), and that alone puts me in the best of moods. It's almost as if I could feel myself blooming. Literally.

My focus for the next three months is to continue to fall in love with myself, the world and life overall. Self-love hasn't always been something I've practiced. There was a time where  deep feelings of emptiness and sorrow surrounded me for longer than I was comfortable with. And that's not something that I "got over with" in a few days, a few weeks or a few months even. Rather, it took me close, if not longer than a year to understand and really accept that in order to love who I am, I can't hate the experiences that shaped me. 

I guess this process of acceptance is what slowly groomed me into becoming aware of my thoughts, my feelings, and my reactions to the things I have no control over. Being stuck in the past is definitely not a place I want to stay nor is it close to where I am going. So why continue letting past circumstances and past decisions dictated where I'm heading?



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