Beautiful things happen in the dark

When the sun goes to sleep

When the stars give light kisses

When the moon is 

A spotlight

Life stays beautiful

Even when you are covered

In darkness


It all starts in the mind, before you see any actual progress in life. But what's around us is also important and affects us more than we think. Remember that wanting something is not enough. Evolution begin with a change of surroundings. Although I agree that change starts within all of us first, we often discount the fact that optimizing our environment in order to make better choices has a ripple effect on our actions.

Of all the things we cannot change - our past, our ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation, and so on - the simplest thing to change is our environment. This can be achieved by taking a minimalism approach to life, moving to a new city, taking on a new hobby, making new friends, and travelling the World. To change your environment can be as simple as reviewing your goals, your dreams and your priorities, then taking actions accordingly.  

At the end of the day, aim to empower yourself and others with love.

Because once you have love, you have everything.

Being away from social media has thought me the art of not giving a fuck.

I choose to cut networking apps as a social experiment I guess. By purposely removing Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter out of my routine, I allowed my mind to declutter. As simple as: 

Inhaling the good shit and exhaling the bullshit.

It gave me the opportunity to experience first hand the changes that occur when focusing on what truly lights my heart on fire.

How did I do that, you may ask.

Well for starters, I changed my environment.

The reason is rather simple: for any given outcome, there are conditions that  either catalyze those outcomes or make those outcome more likely to happen. 




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What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind?