How To Live A More Authentic Life

havefun-tatiana sarah-brent calis

Make-up by Samantha Nyakudya | Photo by Brent Calis | Styled by Tatiana Sarah

Growing up, I spent my summers (my weekends, and all my free time really) going to the ranch, feeding carrots to the horses, taking the dogs for a walk, climbing apple trees, eating fresh fruits from the garden and swiming the day away with my best friends. Oh and the list goes on.

Although that particular time of year was the beloved two-month summer vacation, reminiscing  about those days makes me wonder why I have let myself take the fun out of the most simple and best things in life. I can't help but wonder why that genuine sense of freedom and happiness is missing in so many of us, adults. 

I am writing this article because of the journey I am on to unlocking my true myself. These simple practices have helped me bring order into my life and I hope you can benefit from this article as much as I enjoyed writing it.

  1. Make time for fun

    As you go through your day, remember to smile. Uncover at least one aspect of fun in everything you do. Take the extra step and Turn  it into a game for yourself.

  2. Prioritize and choose happiness

    It is often said that no one can be happy every day. I used to believe this. But I've learned that I can experience negative emotions and still be happy.

  3. Follow your intuition

    Our inner knowing. the little voice. our gut. our internal guiding system.  You can call it your intuition, or whatever you want...listening to it is a totally different ballgame. 

  4. Create a morning and night ritual

    Why do you wake up in the morning? Is it because you have to? Do you jump out of bed and immediately start chasing after your to-do-list? shower, coffee, clothes, work?

  5. Say what you need to say. Now!

    We all know our time is  a finite period. For the most part, we hope that we'll get to a ripe old age with wrinkles and grandchildren...but we also know that it doesn't happen for everyone. How about we stop wasting time? 


 What is your favourite memory growing up?