The Kettlebell Circuit Training vol. 1 is made for everyone looking to improve their overall muscle tone, body composition and strength (yes all at once!). The reason kettlebells are so effective is that they can be made into a compound movement which means two or more muscle groups are engaged while performing the exercise. They are also great conditioning tools for developing your cardiovascular and muscular endurance. Since being injured, my knees are more prone to inflammation which brings me to another benefit of using kettlebells. The fluid swinging movement used to move them don’t affect the joints as much, but still allow your heart rate to go up without jumping or running.  

How to Perform Kettlebell Swings

In the gym, form is everything. You probably have heard that a million times already, but it is crucial. Your form not only prevents injuries, but ensures you are working the right muscle group. The biggest thing to watch out for swinging the bell is to keep your back straight, using your hips and your posterior chain — back, shoulders, hamstrings and glutes to get the momentum needed.

Main Muscle Groups Targeted: Shoulders, Back & Abs


Watch the Kettlebell Circuit Training vol. 1 and download/print the workout below. You can add this circuit up to 3 times a week in your training plan!


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