Consistency In Adversity

Consistency in Adversity by Megan Jentsch

Thursday evening, I had the chance to attend Megan Jentsch’s second solo show called ‘Consistency In Adversity’. The exhibition consists of 69 new pieces which are available to view and purchase from June 21-23 at the Scotia Centre located on the main floor of 700 2 St SW. Some of Jentsch’s artworks has been seen with some of the biggest Canadian brands such as Air Canada, ATB Financial and Le Germaine Hotels.  On top of that, she has also done installations for La Maison Simons, The Nobles Management and Holt Renfrew to name a few.

When my good friend Kida invited me, I was really excited for this event because the theme is one I can resonate with 110%. According to the Oxford Dictionaries, the word ‘adversity’ is defined as a difficult or unpleasant situation and I can attest that we all have been through our own fair share of difficulties. But when an unfortunate event happens, we have have three choices. We can either:

  1. Let it define us

  2. Let it destroy us

  3. Let it strengthen us

A special thank you to Kida and mié arts management for bringing such candid art to Calgary! For more of Megan’s work, visit her website and Instagram.

Quote of the day:

An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backwards.

When life is dragging you back with hardships, it means it's going to launch you into something great.

Just focus and keep aiming.